As I continue to be without the use of my right arm, we must, likewise, continue to put off our regularly scheduled reviews and film write-ups, at least for the time being. Despite my inability to write longer posts, however, I haven’t slowed my viewings up in the slightest: if anything, my lengthy resting period has given me ample opportunity to watch more films than ever.

With October just over the horizon, bringing with it our annual “31 Days of Halloween,” I thought it might be helpful to give an idea of what we’ve been up to in the meantime. Here, then, is the list of all films watched last week (9/21-9/27). As always, expect full reviews on all of these once I’ve regained the use of my wayward appendage.

9/21 — Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

9/22 — The Dead Lands / World War Z / RoboCop (remake)

9/23 — The Monkey’s Paw / Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea / Nurse / Ejecta

9/24 — 12 Segundos / Out of the Dark

9/25 — The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears / Zeta One / The Skeleton Twins / paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

9/26 — Phantom of the Opera (1989) / Winnebago Man / House of Whipcord / They Came Together / The Reckoning / Aces High

9/27 — The Wolf of Wall Street / Emperor / Girl Most Likely / Crank / The Canterbury Tales

Stayed tuned as we begin our Halloween viewing tomorrow: for The VHS Graveyard, this is truly the finest month of the year.