Long-time readers of the ever humble VHS Graveyard might have noticed a particular lack of new updates, as of late: could it be that your fearless host and tour guide through the sky-ways and sewers of cinema has abandoned his goal to document each and every film that flickers before his greedy face orbs? Not on your life, buster.

In truth, a childhood injury has reared its ugly head anew, leaving your resident film fanatic with only the use of his left arm for the foreseeable future. As fans of my often wordy missives will know, The VHS Graveyard never uses two words when ten will suffice: having only the use of one hand (and not the dominant one, to boot) has made it exponentially more difficult to not only type up my observations but to take notes on the films as I view them, a key component of being able to confidently dissect them.

Never fear, however: this, too (as they often say), shall pass. While I may not be able to post as regularly as I once did, at least until my arm is fixed and rehabbed, rest assured that I’m still chugging away in the background, steadfastly watching as many films as my eager brain can absorb. As often as I’m able, I’ll be trying to catch up, although I daresay it may be many months before we’re “current” again. We’ll get there, however: it’s just going to be a slightly more arduous journey.

Hang in there, noble readers: we’ve got lots of stuff planned for the immediate future, including our annual “31 Days of Halloween” celebration, in which we screen nothing but horror films for the entire month of October. If you couldn’t already tell, October is a pretty sacred month for us here, at the Graveyard, and we plan to make it as explosive as an M-80 in a jack’o’lantern. If you thought losing an arm could dampen our love of the season, well…as Judas Priest would tell ya, you got another thing comin’.

In the meantime, here’s a list of the various films that we’ve loved, hated and tolerated in the weeks since our last update. Expect full reviews and discussions on all of these: we’ve still got a lot to say, even if we’ll be saying it a little slower for the foreseeable future. Keep hanging in there, loyal readers: your support is always appreciated.

8/17 — Mirage Men / Only Mercy

8/18 — Tapeheads

8/19 — Good People

8/22 — 24 Exposures

8/23 — Better Living Through Chemistry

8/25 — Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures

8/29 — Set Fire to the Stars

8/30 — The Panic in Needle Park

9/4 — Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

9/5 — Area 51

9/7 — Deep in the Darkness / The Barber

9/9 — Burying the Ex

9/13 — The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet / Hyena

9/14 — Wicked Little Things

9/19 — Nightbreed (Director’s Cut) / Video Games: The Movie

9/20 — The Harvest / Rosewater / La Bete (The Beast) / Von Ryan’s Express