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Despite pounding through as many films as possible in 2014, there was just too much interesting stuff out there for to see everything that I wanted to. My intense dislike of movie theaters and resistance to questionable downloads meant that there was just some films that were slightly out of my reach, although I’m sure that I’ll be caught up by Oscar time. In some cases, films that I’d been following and which received festival play in 2014 haven’t officially been released yet: lots of those are going to make their way into my Best of 2015 lists, I would imagine. In still other cases, I had access to films but couldn’t schedule them in time…c’est la vie, I suppose.

In order to kick off my look back at 2014, then, I thought it might be useful to take a look at what I didn’t actually see. This will also help answer the question “Why didn’t Film X make it on your lists?” If Film X is on the list below, it very well may have been the best, but I’ll have to take your word for it (for now, at least). In no particular order, then, here are the various films that managed to slip through the nets, thus far:

Boyhood — I’ll admit to not being the biggest Linklater fan in the world, so this was never high priority, despite its awards bait status. Don’t worry about cutting up my “cool card”: that got confiscated years ago.

The Guest — I was supposed to go to an advance screening of this that ended up being the line ride from South Park, otherwise, this wouldn’t be here. I love the filmmakers involved with the project, however, and definitely plan to catch this when it hits Netflix.

John Wick — The hype behind this almost sent me to the theater…almost.

Life Itself — This was one of my must-sees but didn’t seem to get any kind of release, at least yet.

St. Vincent — I have it on good authority that this film rocked righteously: if it’s good enough for Mr. Boykin, it’s good enough for me.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night — Another must-see that didn’t get wide release yet.

Spring / Wolfcop/ What We Do in Shadows — See above.

Mr. Turner — I’m imagining this will be excellent but will have to wait and see.

The Zero Theorem — Normally, I love Gilliam but something held me back from this one, initially.

Open Windows — I made the judgment call to wait on this, despite the fact that Nacho and Elijah working together is absolutely inspired. I’m betting it makes its way on the final list, as an addendum.

As Above, So Below / Frank — I’ll catch this in a week or so but there wasn’t any big rush.

The Rover — To be honest, I forget all about this Mad Maxian wonder until recently. Mea culpa but I’ll definitely be watching.

Cheap Thrills — This was another must-see that kept getting pushed further back on my list. After enjoying the director’s ABCs of Death 2 short, however, I’m definitely intrigued.

Guardians of the Galaxy / The Lego Movie / Noah / Interstellar — I’m betting that any and all of these are at least entertaining. That being said, none of them felt like “must-sees” for me, despite the presence of GOTG on just about every Best of…list of the year.

Dead Snow 2 — Like The Rover, I kind of forgot about this until too late. I love the first one, however, and heard the sequel is even better, so it’s kind of a no-brainer.

Afflicted — I heard good things about this indie but it fell off my radar.

Nightcrawler / Birdman / Inherent Vice — If anything could get me to the theater, these three could…but they didn’t, unfortunately. Nonetheless, I expect all three to place on an updated version of my Best of 2014 lists, when I eventually see them.

Foxcatcher / Wild — I was curious about these but definitely not enough to brave the big, bad multiplex. Of the two, I expect Wild to be better but I’m dying to watch Carrell rock a potato nose.

Maps to the Stars — Not released in theaters yet but it’s Cronenberg…I pretty much have to be there.

Cannibal / Mirage Men / The Immigrant — These were three films that I had every intention of watching but, unfortunately, just couldn’t get to in time. Of the three, I fully expect Cannibal to be amazing, whereas Mirage Men really only appeals to little ol’ UFO enthusiast me…I mean, er…folks who are into that sort of thing. Yeah, that’s it!

So there you have it: the films that I managed to sleep on this year. Never fear, though: these are first on the list for my pre-awards season viewing.