Whenever I find myself alone for any length of time, as I was recently while my wife was on vacation, I find myself programming film festivals. Not for anyone in particular, mind you, but for myself. During these times, I like to not only cram as many films into the viewing day as possible but I also like to set up themes, of sorts, for my screenings. In many cases, these double (or triple) features aren’t anything particularly clever (a film and its sequel, for example) but I try to work more subtle groupings in there, as well. While I haven’t always been successful with my pairings, there have been times where the films have complimented each other perfectly, like pairing the right wine with the right protein.

As a rule, my impromptu festivals tend to be horror-oriented: while my wife enjoys and tolerates quite a bit, film-wise, there are certain movies that tend to be completely off her radar. In particular, she’s not a big fan of gore or zombie films, so I usually have to wait to watch anything too extreme in those areas. She’s also not a fan of the super-brutal foreign films, such as Martyrs (2008) or I Saw the Devil (2010), that I tend to indulge in. I’ll usually keep a running list, adding films as they come up, for just such an occasion. The end result? Why, the current edition of the All Buy Mice Elf Film Festival, of course!

For this particular edition, I managed to watch 32 films over the course of sixteen days. While I originally planned each day to have at least a double-feature, it didn’t always work out that way: there were three days with only one film apiece and another instance when I ended up splitting the double-feature over two days. That being said, I was still able to take quite a few films off my list, rewatch some old favorites and find a few new favorites. Here’s the list of what went down: full reviews for all, of course, will follow as usual.

5/30          The Incredible Melting Man / Contracted

(The body corrupted)

5/31          Here Comes the Devil / Big Bad Wolves

(The destruction of innocence)

A Fistful of Dollars / For a Few Dollars More

(The Man with No Name)

6/1           Nightmare City / Buck Wild


6/2           Death Wish / Death Wish 3

(Death Wish series)

6/3           Son of a Lion


6/4           The Guard Post


6/5           Night of the Creeps / Maximum Overdrive

(At the drive-in)

6/6           Wake in Fright / The Grey

(Man vs nature & self)

6/7           Wishmaster 2, 3 and 4

(Wishmaster series)

6/8           Godzilla vs Mothra / Godzilla vs Monster Zero

(Godzilla films)

Candyman / Candyman 2

(Candyman series)

6/9           Dragonslayer


Birth of the Dead

(Horror docs)

6/10         Nightmare Factory

(Horror docs)

Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon


6/11         The Last Rites of Joe May


6/12         Good Guys Wear Black / The Octagon

(Chuck Norris films)

6/14         El Dorado / The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence

(The myth and death of the Wild West)