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Welcome, one and all, to my first attempt at this thing they call blogging. As with most things, I like to be as behind the curve as possible: hence, I figured I would flog this dead horse for awhile. Since this is my first attempt at an official blog, I would imagine that (visually) this will probably look like a small child’s attempts at same. As long as the small child has something to say, this shouldn’t be a problem.

What wonders and/or annoyances will await brave readers within these cyber-walls? For the most part, you’ll probably see lots of film reviews, as well as ruminations on film topics. I don’t really have any hobbies aside from watching movies, so I wouldn’t expect to see many posts about my scuba trip to Aruba (Spoiler: I didn’t go).

There might be the occasional aside on music here and there, since that tends to be my only other field of interest but, for the most part, you’ll be receiving one thing and one thing only: a spot next to me on the couch as I attempt to watch every film ever made. As a rule, I tend to watch 2- 3 films a day, although weekends are virtual film festivals. Therefore, there will be alot of film discussion flying around here.

What do I watch? Anything and everything, although I tend to specialize in horror films and value foreign over domestic in almost every other category. I will watch, although don’t prefer, big Hollywood “tentpole” pictures and tend to despise remakes and their sneaky cousins “re-imaginings” with every fiber of my being. I have a particular affinity for Westerns (especially spaghetti westerns), old Hollywood musicals, documentaries, “grindhouse” films and, of course, horror films of all shape and size. I tend to seek out the obscure and strange, although just about anything will draw my attention.

As a rule, I don’t turn a film off, no matter how bad the thing gets. I have broken this rule, of course (some films are so wretched as to serve as forms of mental torture and should be treated as such) but I try to follow this as much as possible. I’ve often seen a mediocre (or bad) film take an abrupt shift into glory and these are often my favorite finds.

And there you have it: The VHS Graveyard (named for my lifelong long of video) will feature opinionated film reviews from a lifelong cinema junkie. Discussions are, of course, welcome and encouraged. I enjoy arguing as much as the next person (that’s a complete lie: I enjoy arguing more than any person who ever walked this green earth) and think that film is as good a thing to debate as anything else.

So, welcome to my humble abode. Feel free to stop in anytime. VHS may be all but dead, but in 2014…the Graveyard is alive!